Taj Mahal Indian Restaurants

Chicken Curries

Chicken Keema

Chicken mince cooked in rich taste of spices.


Chicken Curry

Chicken pieces cooked in a mild curry.


Butter Chicken

Barbeque chicken cooked in butter sauce.

Eat-in: ¥1,400

Delivery: ¥1,650

Chicken Tikka Masala

Barbeque Chicken with onion in tomato base with special original herbs and spices.

Eat-in: ¥1,650

Delivery: ¥1,750

Chilli Chicken

Barbeque chicken with onion, capsicum in spices with thick butter sauce.

Eat-in: ¥1,650

Delivery: ¥1,750

Chicken Rara

Minced chicken curry with pieces of chicken cooked in rich herbs and spices.


Chicken Jalfrezi

Tender Chicken with onion, capsicum cooked in original blended spices.

Eat-in: ¥1,650

Delivery: ¥1,680

Sag Chicken

Marinated chicken barbequed with special herbs and spices cooked in spinach.

Eat-in: ¥1,250

Delivery: ¥1,580

Chicken Bharta

Barbeque chicken cut in small pieces with egg in mild gravy base.

Eat-in: ¥1,150

Delivery: ¥1,450

Taj Special Chicken

Chef's special curry made with original spices.

Eat-in: ¥1,250

Delivery: ¥1,600

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken cooked with vinegar, chilli and garlic base.


Chicken Korma

Lamb cooked with cream & butter.